Meadowscape Pro™

Meadowscape Pro™ an enhanced growing medium used by professionals for effective wild flower establishment.

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Enriched with Hydropor™, the specially developed formula supports good water percolation and retention, stabilising the growing medium for much better seed germination compared to more conventional direct seeding.

“The UK’s most prominent Wildflower Meadow experts…

River bank strengthened & biodiversity increased following flood damage

Blog: Wordsworth Primary School Wildflower Meadow Project

It’s never too early to foster a love of wildflowers and an appreciation for their many merits, and we were thrilled to recently receive an update from our friends at Wordsworth Primary School in Southampton, Hampshire.


Towards the end of 2016, Wordsworth Primary School in Southampton was the recipient of funding from the Heritage Lottery Funded biodiversity project, Polli:Nation. (Polli:Nation is a fantastic UK-wide initiative supporting pupils from 260 schools to turn their school grounds and other local walk-to spaces…

Why Choose Meadowscape Pro™?

Meadowscape Pro™ allows land owners, developers and managers to create dynamic and biodiverse wild flower spaces in a range of settings with very little ground preparation.

Successful wild flower establishment very dependant on quick, healthy seedling growth getting a head start over any other grass or weed species development – Meadowscape Pro™ delivers the optimal seed germination environment to make this happen.

Suitable for

Large sites where there is access to irrigation but instant plant coverage is not required

Sites where access for ground preparation is restricted or the soil type limits conventional seed bed preparation

Areas with low incline (not steep slopes).

Areas with lower historical weed burdens or lower risk of potential weed ingression

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