Vibrant Spring Scatter Mix

This mix has been specifically chosen for the fabulous colour combination to bring wildflower borders to life earlier in the year.

We believe this mix will be particularly useful if you are creating an area that frames a lawn or is in an area of public use. This lovely selection of bulbs has been chosen with consideration to their height, colour and flowering time to provide impact and drama and are a perfect accompaniment to our Wildflower Landscape Turf and Native Enriched Turf. Tulips, narcissi and crocus are bold choices but never disappoint with their instant cheer.

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Wildflower Roof for Crossrail

Blog: Wordsworth Primary School Wildflower Meadow Project

It’s never too early to foster a love of wildflowers and an appreciation for their many merits, and we were thrilled to recently receive an update from our friends at Wordsworth Primary School in Southampton, Hampshire.


Towards the end of 2016, Wordsworth Primary School in Southampton was the recipient of funding from the Heritage Lottery Funded biodiversity project, Polli:Nation. (Polli:Nation is a fantastic UK-wide initiative supporting pupils from 260 schools to turn their school grounds and other local walk-to spaces…