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Measuring Guide

Triangular gardens which are not like the example to the right, can simply be treated as two 'right angle triangles' and the areas added.

Measuring Guide

With irregular shaped gardens the way to find the area is to break the garden diagram into regular shapes and add the areas.

Turf Measuring Guide

Measuring the area you wish to cover with wildflower turf, in our experience, can be quite tricky. Therefore in order to avoid disappointment, we suggest that you use our measuring guide and then, after double checking you have your measurements correct, follow this link to our enquiry form to get pricing or simply place your order.

Plan out your lawn on a sketch-pad to ensure that you arrive at an accurate result. If you are dealing with a lawn with very irregular shaped edging then you may lose up to 5% in offcuts.

Measuring Guide

Please note that Wildflower Turf cannot be held responsible for any miscalculations in measurements for your project.

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