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Spring Bulbs

Enhance your Wildflower Area by under planting with a selection of Spring Bulbs

Bulbs are the perfect accompaniment to Wildflower Turf, enabling creativity with colour and form. Under planting your wildflower area is quick and easy as they can simply be scattered onto the bare earth before laying turf. We have worked in conjunction with JUB, the Dutch flower bulb specialist to provide you with the best advice and choice of flowers for enhancing your wildflower area.

Early flowering bulbs such as scilla, bluebells, tulips and narcissi bring interest and colour in the spring before wildflowers emerge and are hugely beneficial to the bee and butterfly population.

With the right mix of bulbs you can expect a succession of flowering from February through to May, extending the flowering season into the less colourful months of the year.

After extensive trials on a variety of sites at Wildflower Turf we have developed four Spring scatter mixes that we hope will inspire you to be more creative with your wildflower areas, including a rooftop mix for your wildflower roof projects. The bulbs are easy to install whilst laying your turf and require no further maintenance other than that which you would normally carry out for your turf.

The five mixes are


Spring Bulbs Spring Bulbs Spring Bulbs Spring Bulbs
Images above are of varying age, taken at different times of year, reflect local site/ground conditions and historical maintenance regimes.


When ordering with wildflower turf, bags or crates can be added on to the pallets of turf at little or no extra cost. When ordering bags or crates of bulbs separately, carriage will be charged at cost.

Installation and Maintenance

Please click the link for further information on how to under plant bulbs and maintain them in a wildflower area.

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