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Bee Hotel

About the Product

Bees are incredibly important for wildflower turf pollination. Did you know that 70% of our UK flowers are pollinated by mason bees and bumble bees? Our mason bee hotel is certainly going to help your wildflower turf flourish.

Mason bees can fly at much lower temperatures than honey and bumblebees, therefore they start to pollinate earlier on in the Spring. They particularly like the pollen of fruit trees but are actually less fussy than the honey bee and will forage amongst all of the spring flowers.

With the obvious benefits to our turf and fruit trees, we think our Bee Hotel will make a perfect present for any nature lover, wildflower grower, fruit tree obsessive or anyone that wants to do their bit for this fantastic insect.

Key Product Points

  • Our Bee Hotel is of wooden construction with a series of compartments filled with small cardboard tubes, perfect for nesting mason bees
  • Best installed on a south facing wall
Bee Hotel Bee Hotel Bee Hotel Bee Hotel
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