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Case Study - Historic Property
Case Study - Historic Property
Case Study - Historic Property

Case Study

Client: Phil Wells - Estate Manager

Project: Historic Property in Hampshire

Date: Spring 2009

Size: approx. 2,500m²

Beyond the formal lawns of the historic house was an existing rough lawn that the owners wanted to replace with a wildflower lawn using Wildflower Landscape Turf. Part of the design was to weave paths through the area so the wildflowers and then many art installations could be thoroughly enjoyed.

Beyond this lawn was a 16 hectare meadow which they decided they would seed with the same seed mix. This area is managed by mowing once a fortnight and the intension is to do this for the next 3 years, removing the cuttings each time in order to establish the meadow.

This is very much an ongoing project and shows the difference in work, between seeding and turfing.

"We could not run to turfing the field but the garden area was a fantastic, diverse meadow from day one, so we were very pleased to use Wildflower Turf. We need to be patient with the seeded area and will see how it works out in a year or two." Phil Wells

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