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Ashley Manor
Ashley Manor
Ashley Manor

Case Study

Client: Oliver Samways, Gardener

Project: Ashley Manor, Hampshire

Date: September 2008

Size: 655m²

Oliver Samways wanted to cover several fairly steep banks to the rear of Ashley Manor as part of their overall landscaping project. The banks were south and west facing, in two tiers, with chalky soil with only a thin layer of top soil.

Although the banks were steep, the turf was easily laid and did not need pegging. By laying the turf in the autumn there was no need for watering as it established through the winter for flowering in the spring and summer.

Within four weeks of laying the first rolls of turf,it was evident that he was very happy as he reported the turfs to be well rooted in and growing well.

Red Campion did particularly well on the lower slopes, with the turfs being particularly successfulas a weed suppressing mat.

One year later and Olly was just as pleased with the Wildflower Turf stating, "The wildflower banks were a great success this year and when we came to cut them down we found they were home to an amazingly large amount of shrews as well as slow worms!

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